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Hello everyone!! I have been teaching Japanese for a company to students who are preparing for their examinations, therefore I have a lot of experiences teaching foreign students. Here are two courses; ‘Intensive daily conversation course’ and ‘Survival business Japanese course’. You can take the first free lesson before starting the course. During my lesson, you always review target phrases and vocabulary you’ve learnt in the previous lesson in order to be confident to use them. If you would like to do your homework, I will make a special handout for you. Let’s learn basic phrases and use them in a short period of time!
Lesson contents

`Which course is right for you?´

These  two courses are right for those who wish to learn useful expressions and a wide range of vocabulary  in a short period of time.



These courses are designed to improve your understanding of key expressions and vocabulary as well as key aspects of grammar in a short period of time.

Number of lessons & Lesson contents

[Intensive daily conversation course](5 lessons/10 lessons/ 20lessons or more..)

<5 lessons>

Self introduction/ Shopping/ At restaurant/Asking for direction/ Public transport

<10 lessons>

1. Greetings, Self introduction 6.meals
2.Family members 7.Beauty and a health
3. Daily routine 8.Trains and buses
4.hobbies 9.Questions
5.shopping 10.Ask for help

<20 lessons>

Self introduction shopping Asking for direction part2 Reservations Asking for help
Family Time and date Trains and buses Take away trouble
Hobbies Tourist office Car rental Restaurants Medical problems
At supermarket Asking for direction At a hotel At the airport an exchange office

[survival business Japanese course](the first term:10 lessons , the second term:10 lessons)

Most of Japanese companies are apt to hire foreigners who have good language ability and understand a Japanese society. Therefore, the objective of this course is to help students understand basic business phrases and a range of vocabulary and use them properly. This course is suitable for students who wish to learn basic business Japanese to express your own opinions using honorific and humble forms in a workplace. It helps you build your confidence as well. 

<10 lessons>

1.Meeting people 6.Giving your opinions
2.On the phone 7.Job interview preparation
3.Appointments 8.Looking for job vacancies
4.Asking permission 9 How to write an entry sheet
5.Asking questions 10 CV

<10 lessons>

  1. Asking opions
2.Making an assertion 7.Explanation
3.Agreement 8.Giving some advice
4.Disagreement 9.Placing an order
5.Invitations 10.Negotiations


Intensive daily conversation course helps you to understand basic phrases used in a daily conversation to enable you to use them and communicate more in Japanese.

You are able to learn basic business Japanese to express your own opinions using honorific and humble forms through survival business Japanese course.

Contents of the first lesson

Please take the first lesson (for free) in order to find out how online learning works before starting one of the courses. It allows me to check your level of Japanese as well. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I hope to see you soon!!

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